The United States tax code stretches over 73,000 pages and is riddled with complexity. For our clients, attempting to understand where opportunities and obstacles reside in the tax code, and even attempting to comply with the tax code, has proven to be a challenge that we have been successful in helping them address. Carmen Group’s tax team understands the difficulty inherent in navigating this code and takes great pride in our ability to guide our clients through it. Our team’s deep experience with tax issues stretches over 30 years, wherein we have handled clients as varied as major financial associations, non-profit coalitions, large corporations, and tax-exempt hospitals. In 2015 our team secured a major, multi-year extension of the work opportunity tax credit (WOTC) to include the long-term unemployed as part of a key provision in the PATH Act, and also played a central role in expanding the definition of what enterprises qualify as publicly traded partnerships,. And whether it is work opportunity tax credits (WOTC), healthcare tax issues, or simply navigating the tax regulatory process, Carmen Group’s tax team has achieved success for our clients by leveraging our knowledge of the tax system and our connectivity with the key players involved in its administration.


William A. Signer
Executive Managing Director
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