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Carmen Group is Washington’s leading government affairs consulting firm. We help clients envision, plan and realize major projects in areas that are affected by government legislation, regulation or funding.

Clients who are committed to achieving results find us,  stay with us—and know why.

Working with Us

Our clients demand fast reactions and the ability to make real progress in real time. We assume tactical execution responsibility in our strategic plans and dedicate all our creativity and intensity to successful project outcomes. We invest deeply in client success. We succeed where other firms fail.

Our conversations with prospective clients begin with defining victory, the goal we will accomplish together. We identify necessary resources, create a scope of work and execute a contract. We identify milestones to measure progress and ensure return on investment. Our fees are based on the hourly rates of our highly skilled professionals. Many of our clients prefer to translate the scope of work into a fixed fee arrangement, which smooths out service peaks and simplifies accounting.

Contact us to get started. One of our category experts will collect information, discuss your situation internally to determine how we can help you and arrange the next step—usually, a substantive meeting to agree upon scope of work.

We’re a little unusual in that we insist that we identify how we can help a client accomplish a credible mission before we will take them on. But when the fit is right, we can get to work in a day and start achieving value immediately.

Proven Process. Proven Results.

We play a decisive role in realizing projects that deliver real value. We provide our clients with extraordinary return on investment in terms of both immediate realization and value growth over time.

Carmen Group links substantive expertise to insightful strategies and consistently delivers superior results. We create a strategy with specific tactical steps to defined milestones and execute them precisely. We are structured to share expert resources and mobilize the entire firm to intensify support at decisive junctures—and win. The client expressly understands each phase’s activity and its direct implications for ROI.






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